Sunshine Skate

These are the Events & Practices in which skaters from All Year FSC are entered

Last First Time Event Ev # Rink Day
Amiya Analiese 02:50 pm Preliminary WB FS 1 Main Sat
Tan Melody 03:20 pm PrePrelim WB FS 3 Main Sat
Kast Alexandra 03:35 pm Excel PrePreliminary FS 4 Main Sat
Contreras Joelle 04:03 pm Free Skate 5 Program 9 Main Sat
Dickinson Phoenix 04:03 pm Free Skate 6 Program 10 Main Sat
Linares Alexa 06:10 pm High Beginner Showcase 23 Main Sat
Stuart Ava 06:25 pm NoTest Lt Entertain 25 Main Sat
Team Culver Newsies 07:01 pm Mini-Production 29 Main Sat
Team Culver Ice Productions 07:01 pm Mini-Production 29 Main Sat
This is the expected schedule of events for the competition. All times are tentative. Be sure to arrive AT LEAST an hour early. Please use this information for planning purposes only. Always be sure to check the official announcements area at the rink for late changes.       (hal)